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What a day...

You know, I did tell Sampers not to touch anything. *sighs heavily* He was a good kid. I wish he hadn’t decided to have a fit of self sacrificing nobility. We had plenty of supplies and a good amount of time to figure something out, after all. *sighs* Such a sad waste.

I haven’t had a chance to place the cameras I was going to use to do some monitoring on the ferrets to see if they display any signs of sentience - they’re afraid to go near fire, which is a bad sign on that front, since control of fire was one of the first things humans learned, and they have no opposable thumbs, which is also a bad sign, but I may be missing something - and try to get a feel for their possible methods of communication.

...This is much, much harder than studying humans.

Not that I really understand humans either. It’s terribly annoying. I can dissect a culture, explain the motives, rationale, and forces that shape a person’s personality and behavior, and I still end up throwing up my hands and demanding to know why everyone can’t calm down and use a little common sense. Just a little. Please?

Living in Atlantis is like living in a telenovela, only it makes less sense and has fewer maids who love above their station. *nods* I’m actually quite glad I’m not there right now. Though being attacked by ferrets wasn’t much fun.

...Poor Sampers. We’re either going to have to cremate him or have a closed casket funeral. Does anyone know if he had any particular friends who might have some idea what his wishes were in that regard? Anyone know if he had a will?

I suppose I’d better take care of all that. When we get back to the city, though. There isn’t time now.

I really wish I’d brought The Ten Day Planet and The Lone Star Planet along with me. I’m bored out of my mind, and I’m too wired to sleep, but I’m too tired to focus on any of the academic stuff I brought along.

I think Sergeant Bates is contemplating taking revenge on the ferrets, and Lieutenant Ford’s poking the fire with a stick - I'd worry about how fascinated he seems, but even though he's tired he's still a grown man and too responsible to burn himself on an open flame. I think. I’m sitting here, worrying. Jinto’s awfully quiet. I hope he isn’t too shook up by what happened to Sampers. It was pretty ugly. I mean, I know Jinto’s seen a lot, but I hope don’t think he’d had occasion to see that kind of violent death before. I’ve only seen a human that badly mauled once, and given how sick and upset it made me... Well.

*sighs* I want my book.
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