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An outing! Huzzah!

*G* I'm going to the mainland tomorrow to see if the ferret creatures are sentient. I'm terribly excited, although I have no idea how I'll be able to communicate with them if they are.

I mean, up until now all contact with alien races has been with people who are either very much like us or who socialized us in the first place or both.

There's really not much difference between a Goa'uld and a human, at least as far as basic mental construction goes. We speak the same or similar languages, and have similar drives (true, the Goa'uld are basically a race of psychopaths in that they have no regard for the desire or survival of others, but there have been plenty of humans like that too - Ted Bundy, for one), so while we don't get along, we can understand each other's motives.

But how is a race that's shaped like Earth ferrets going to communicate? What kind of symbolic system will they have developed? Will they have myths? Will there be some sort of common ground on which we can meet? What if their speech is outside our range of hearing (like the Fuzzies)?

...Of course we'll have common ground. They like shiny things. We like shiny things. The rest I suppose I ought to deal with as I come to it. No use borrowing trouble, eh?
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