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I really have managed to miss a lot lately, haven't I? I suppose being cooped up in various labs will do that. I am never mentioning that I like setting up filing systems in public ever, ever again. I don't like it that much.

But it really is cool to have a wireless network like this. The cultural and structural patterns of online communities tend to be very interesting, and now I have a chance to watch how this social system structures itself at the same time I get to watch the external, physical social system do the same thing! That's practically unique!

*eyes gleam* If I were still in the market for a thesis you all would make a wonderful one.

And hurrah! There are survivors of the Ancient culture! I'm going to have to interview the Jumpers who have woken up. I'm sure they have all kinds of fascinating insights to offer into the daily lives of the people whose culture informs ours.

I am so glad I took this chance to come along. I'm gonna be famous! They'll ask me to speak at Harvard!

Er... Or I will be once I find my tape recorder. And a spare notebook.

Isn't it amazing how you can spend days cleaning everyone else's mess and never get around to your own?

Oh well. *wades into complicated mass of papers, artifacts, equipment, and computer disks*
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