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Er. This thing is on right?

Because you really have no idea the trouble I've had trying to tap back into the System, and honestly, if this proves to be another false alarm I will be quite frustrated - I mean there's only so much fish a man can take -

Oh. Oh good.

Hi? Could someone come get me? I don't think I like being ship wrecked. It was fun for a while, but after the routine set in it started to get very dull very quickly.

And I don't really have directions, because all the latitude/longitude calculations they teach you really don't work when you're not on Earth.

I wouldn't want anyone to be put out, though. I'm fine for the moment. There is, by some kind of miracle, fresh water, and I've got all the fish anyone could possibly want just sitting there in the ocean.

Which is very pretty, so I've got things to look at and am unlikely to go mad. Unless, that is, I end up like Aryton, completely lacking in reason due to too many years alone with my own foolishness.

Which I shouldn't. Since you're going to come rescue me even though I'm not sure which island I'm on, aren't you? Please? If I make cake?
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