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One thing after another...

There are brownies on your desk, Doctor Weir. They're my mother's recipe, I've always liked them.

I'm in the infirmary, minding shop while Tara rests. I hope she doesn't wake up soon. I'm not looking forward to making her go back to bed.

If everyone wouldn't mind being particularly careful while I'm doing this, I would appreciate it. I can do first aid pretty well, but I'm not capable of stitching anyone up, really. I mean, I could if I had to in the field, but, ah, that would be different, and you'd really want to take them out and have someone qualified redo them.

I'm also very worried about Jinto's lack of communication lately. I hope Six finds him and he's all right. *frets* He's behaved in ways that give me cause to be afraid he might harm himself before, and this kind of dissapearence...

Argh. As long as I can't do something about it, I'm not going to think about it.

*opens book, prays no one comes in needing help*
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