Corrigan (doc_corrigan) wrote,

I do not recommend sleeping in hard hospital chairs. *winces* I do it, but that doesn't mean I should. And why are all hospital chairs hard and incredibly uncomfortable, anyway, even the ones here?

They must be breeding. It's some sort of mission to cause people even more discomfort on top of emotional pain.

I have finally been noticed and kicked out of the infirmary. Hmmph. I wasn't hurting anything except my spine. Which is my spine, so it's not as if I was a public nuisance.

I don't even snore. You'd think it wouldn't hurt to let me stay, since I'd been there all night and most of the morning. Hmmph.

Oh well. I suppose it doesn't do to feed the neuroses. You know, I knew a psychiatrist once who had a sign like that on her door. "Please Don't Feed the Neuroses," it said.

Right. Bed. Always a good idea when I stop making sense. I think I'll sleep for a week...
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