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Okay. So I set up my cameras - nearly getting bitten a number of times, thank you for your help with that, Lt. Ford and Sgt. Bates - and did a little more observing. I think that at this point it can be safely said that the ferrets are most probably not sentient. I mean, I’m not sure, for sure, and I’ll need to go back to pick up that surveillance footage and watch it to make certain, but I don’t think I’ll be changing my mind.

Their intelligence level seems comparable to that of a raccoon. They also exhibit somewhat similar behavior patterns, from what I saw, although they are far more aggressive than a healthy Earth animal is. I wonder if that’s a planet wide species trait, or if it’s confined to the ferrets...?

Ah, well, that’s a question for a zoologist, not me.

As to events here... Whoa. *blinks* Is it utterly cowardly to just want to go home? Cranberry Bay sounds better and better by the minute. Heck, even one of Oholi’s worrying CSU anthro department parties sounds pretty good.

Has it occurred to anyone that the Major may not be hallucinating? I mean, he’s ascended once before, right? And we know that the ascended can be right bastards when they want to be. They like head games. I wouldn’t put it past them to break the Major’s mind to get him back.

...And I think Teyla should consider painting the nursery yellow. Yellow is such a nice color. And gender neutral, though I don’t really know how true that is in Athosian culture.
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