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Er. This thing is on right?   
09:10am 23/03/2005
mood: nervous
Because you really have no idea the trouble I've had trying to tap back into the System, and honestly, if this proves to be another false alarm I will be quite frustrated - I mean there's only so much fish a man can take -

Oh. Oh good.

Hi? Could someone come get me? I don't think I like being ship wrecked. It was fun for a while, but after the routine set in it started to get very dull very quickly.

And I don't really have directions, because all the latitude/longitude calculations they teach you really don't work when you're not on Earth.

I wouldn't want anyone to be put out, though. I'm fine for the moment. There is, by some kind of miracle, fresh water, and I've got all the fish anyone could possibly want just sitting there in the ocean.

Which is very pretty, so I've got things to look at and am unlikely to go mad. Unless, that is, I end up like Aryton, completely lacking in reason due to too many years alone with my own foolishness.

Which I shouldn't. Since you're going to come rescue me even though I'm not sure which island I'm on, aren't you? Please? If I make cake?
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There's the good news, and there's the bad news...   
01:55am 09/02/2005
  Yay! I'm back in me!

...Alas, I'd gotten used to being Tomay.

*trips over feet yet again*

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Oooooh dear...   
10:39am 01/02/2005
mood: distressed
My center of balance is all funny. I keep falling over when I try to stand up.

Darn it! I'm used to living in my body! It has a nice, solid, low center of balance! Dr. Tomay's is higher up and I don't expect it and her feet are a different size too, and I keep running into things when I do manage to walk and -

I want to go back to my body. Please? Before I give poor Dr. Tomay lots of bruises?
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My office is no longer my office, and I really, really want some nice, light entertainment...   
03:50pm 24/01/2005
mood: restless
I gave away my office. I hope no one minds, but it's not as if I need it. All I did with it was use it to store oddments, and when I did work in I generally ended up waking people up when I tried to make my way back to my quarters at three A.M. Or later. Usually later.

So! The office is now Ms Sora's quarters. That's all right, isn't it, Dr. Weir? I'm afraid I didn't stop to think of any possible security issues when I offered it.

Six? Did the Prometheus send you any recordings of plays or movies? I am dying for a movie night.
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04:03pm 23/12/2004
  *emerges from haze of holiday prep - largely undertaken to avoid having to notice anything happening around the City that makes him uncomfortable. Cluelessnes is so much easier when you have something else to focus on*

There's a simply ridiculous amount of food in the Gateroom. Well, food, drink, sweets, decorations... I couldn't do much with furniture, but it should be good anyway.

...I think I'll go sleep for a week. I'm exhausted. And I didn't go to bed last night. Too busy crawling around on ladders.

Excuse me, please.

*only makes it as far as the couch in his quarters before falling asleep*
Looking through the magazines the Prometheus sent me...   
08:14pm 07/12/2004
mood: nauseated
I don't know whether I'm glad or not I wasn't on Earth to see the reaction to my latest article. I just... I should never have agreed to write for Time, I don't know what I was thinking.

*flings magazine across the room* Oh, I'm sure you know so much more about Islamic culture than I do, Mister 'I was stationed in Afghanistan'. I'm sure. After all, I only spent AGES wandering around the Sudan, and Egypt, and most of the rest of the Middle East. I only LIVED with these people. I only happen to know them. After all, I only speak and write the language. I only wrote my thesis on the cultural issues facing the region. God knows I know less than you because they never SHOT at me!

Which, by the way, isn't even true!

OOOH! *kicks desk*

Ow. Shouldn't have done that.

*hefty sigh* The trouble is, if even I - a Christian, a Westerner, an American, a country boy, basically straight and always polite - am so much the Other that I cannot be listened to or spoken to rationally, than what I am doing? Does it do any good? Will it ever do any good? I've spent my life trying make everyone PEOPLE. Not the Other. Twenty eight years, and I'm no further than my parents.

*is sad and frustrated*

I'm going to make cookies until my faith in humankind is restored. And pie. Also pie. And probably sweetbreads. Yes, certainly sweetbreads. I need to knead something.
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One thing after another...   
03:10pm 21/11/2004
mood: stressed
There are brownies on your desk, Doctor Weir. They're my mother's recipe, I've always liked them.

I'm in the infirmary, minding shop while Tara rests. I hope she doesn't wake up soon. I'm not looking forward to making her go back to bed.

If everyone wouldn't mind being particularly careful while I'm doing this, I would appreciate it. I can do first aid pretty well, but I'm not capable of stitching anyone up, really. I mean, I could if I had to in the field, but, ah, that would be different, and you'd really want to take them out and have someone qualified redo them.

I'm also very worried about Jinto's lack of communication lately. I hope Six finds him and he's all right. *frets* He's behaved in ways that give me cause to be afraid he might harm himself before, and this kind of dissapearence...

Argh. As long as I can't do something about it, I'm not going to think about it.

*opens book, prays no one comes in needing help*
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Ooops. Not again...   
06:18pm 17/11/2004
mood: embarrassed
...I cannot believe how long my sandwich food lasted. Who knew you could pack enough cold meat cuts and bread into a cooler to last you over a week?

I'm not surprised I didn't realize how long I'd been in my room. According to Oholi I've vanished for over a month before, and she was the only one who realized I'd just locked myself up with my thesis. It comes of being mildly obsessive.

Admittedly, I have an odd definition of mild.

So! How much did I miss while locked up with a computer and a small library? And my mountains of notes?

...Is there any chance I could get off this floating rig anytime soon? I think I gave myself cabin fever.
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02:31pm 30/09/2004
  I think I'm sick. I slept way too much, my temperature is 99.5 F, I'm dizzy, I have a headache roughly the size of New Hampshire in primary season, and I'm nauseous.

*sigh* I was hoping it would go away, but it hasn't, so I suppose I ought to go see Dr. Beckett.

*heads to the infirmary, sticking close to the walls*
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07:43pm 22/09/2004
  I do not recommend sleeping in hard hospital chairs. *winces* I do it, but that doesn't mean I should. And why are all hospital chairs hard and incredibly uncomfortable, anyway, even the ones here?

They must be breeding. It's some sort of mission to cause people even more discomfort on top of emotional pain.

I have finally been noticed and kicked out of the infirmary. Hmmph. I wasn't hurting anything except my spine. Which is my spine, so it's not as if I was a public nuisance.

I don't even snore. You'd think it wouldn't hurt to let me stay, since I'd been there all night and most of the morning. Hmmph.

Oh well. I suppose it doesn't do to feed the neuroses. You know, I knew a psychiatrist once who had a sign like that on her door. "Please Don't Feed the Neuroses," it said.

Right. Bed. Always a good idea when I stop making sense. I think I'll sleep for a week...
10:58pm 17/09/2004
mood: lonely
Okay. So I set up my cameras - nearly getting bitten a number of times, thank you for your help with that, Lt. Ford and Sgt. Bates - and did a little more observing. I think that at this point it can be safely said that the ferrets are most probably not sentient. I mean, I’m not sure, for sure, and I’ll need to go back to pick up that surveillance footage and watch it to make certain, but I don’t think I’ll be changing my mind.

Their intelligence level seems comparable to that of a raccoon. They also exhibit somewhat similar behavior patterns, from what I saw, although they are far more aggressive than a healthy Earth animal is. I wonder if that’s a planet wide species trait, or if it’s confined to the ferrets...?

Ah, well, that’s a question for a zoologist, not me.

As to events here... Whoa. *blinks* Is it utterly cowardly to just want to go home? Cranberry Bay sounds better and better by the minute. Heck, even one of Oholi’s worrying CSU anthro department parties sounds pretty good.

Has it occurred to anyone that the Major may not be hallucinating? I mean, he’s ascended once before, right? And we know that the ascended can be right bastards when they want to be. They like head games. I wouldn’t put it past them to break the Major’s mind to get him back.

...And I think Teyla should consider painting the nursery yellow. Yellow is such a nice color. And gender neutral, though I don’t really know how true that is in Athosian culture.
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What a day...   
08:20pm 13/09/2004
mood: exhausted
You know, I did tell Sampers not to touch anything. *sighs heavily* He was a good kid. I wish he hadn’t decided to have a fit of self sacrificing nobility. We had plenty of supplies and a good amount of time to figure something out, after all. *sighs* Such a sad waste.

I haven’t had a chance to place the cameras I was going to use to do some monitoring on the ferrets to see if they display any signs of sentience - they’re afraid to go near fire, which is a bad sign on that front, since control of fire was one of the first things humans learned, and they have no opposable thumbs, which is also a bad sign, but I may be missing something - and try to get a feel for their possible methods of communication.

...This is much, much harder than studying humans.

Not that I really understand humans either. It’s terribly annoying. I can dissect a culture, explain the motives, rationale, and forces that shape a person’s personality and behavior, and I still end up throwing up my hands and demanding to know why everyone can’t calm down and use a little common sense. Just a little. Please?

Living in Atlantis is like living in a telenovela, only it makes less sense and has fewer maids who love above their station. *nods* I’m actually quite glad I’m not there right now. Though being attacked by ferrets wasn’t much fun.

...Poor Sampers. We’re either going to have to cremate him or have a closed casket funeral. Does anyone know if he had any particular friends who might have some idea what his wishes were in that regard? Anyone know if he had a will?

I suppose I’d better take care of all that. When we get back to the city, though. There isn’t time now.

I really wish I’d brought The Ten Day Planet and The Lone Star Planet along with me. I’m bored out of my mind, and I’m too wired to sleep, but I’m too tired to focus on any of the academic stuff I brought along.

I think Sergeant Bates is contemplating taking revenge on the ferrets, and Lieutenant Ford’s poking the fire with a stick - I'd worry about how fascinated he seems, but even though he's tired he's still a grown man and too responsible to burn himself on an open flame. I think. I’m sitting here, worrying. Jinto’s awfully quiet. I hope he isn’t too shook up by what happened to Sampers. It was pretty ugly. I mean, I know Jinto’s seen a lot, but I hope don’t think he’d had occasion to see that kind of violent death before. I’ve only seen a human that badly mauled once, and given how sick and upset it made me... Well.

*sighs* I want my book.
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An outing! Huzzah!   
10:34pm 09/09/2004
mood: bouncy
*G* I'm going to the mainland tomorrow to see if the ferret creatures are sentient. I'm terribly excited, although I have no idea how I'll be able to communicate with them if they are.

I mean, up until now all contact with alien races has been with people who are either very much like us or who socialized us in the first place or both.

There's really not much difference between a Goa'uld and a human, at least as far as basic mental construction goes. We speak the same or similar languages, and have similar drives (true, the Goa'uld are basically a race of psychopaths in that they have no regard for the desire or survival of others, but there have been plenty of humans like that too - Ted Bundy, for one), so while we don't get along, we can understand each other's motives.

But how is a race that's shaped like Earth ferrets going to communicate? What kind of symbolic system will they have developed? Will they have myths? Will there be some sort of common ground on which we can meet? What if their speech is outside our range of hearing (like the Fuzzies)?

...Of course we'll have common ground. They like shiny things. We like shiny things. The rest I suppose I ought to deal with as I come to it. No use borrowing trouble, eh?
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12:53am 05/09/2004
  I really have managed to miss a lot lately, haven't I? I suppose being cooped up in various labs will do that. I am never mentioning that I like setting up filing systems in public ever, ever again. I don't like it that much.

But it really is cool to have a wireless network like this. The cultural and structural patterns of online communities tend to be very interesting, and now I have a chance to watch how this social system structures itself at the same time I get to watch the external, physical social system do the same thing! That's practically unique!

*eyes gleam* If I were still in the market for a thesis you all would make a wonderful one.

And hurrah! There are survivors of the Ancient culture! I'm going to have to interview the Jumpers who have woken up. I'm sure they have all kinds of fascinating insights to offer into the daily lives of the people whose culture informs ours.

I am so glad I took this chance to come along. I'm gonna be famous! They'll ask me to speak at Harvard!

Er... Or I will be once I find my tape recorder. And a spare notebook.

Isn't it amazing how you can spend days cleaning everyone else's mess and never get around to your own?

Oh well. *wades into complicated mass of papers, artifacts, equipment, and computer disks*
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